Breaking the ice

За да читате на македонски јазик Ве молам кликнете тука.

Let’s start the engine and set off! Time has come to break the ice and make my first post. The reason why I haven’t posted anything yet is because I couldn’t decide what to write about. Chaos of ideas, searching photos on the hard drive, too many options…

Most of the ideas were about my country, my city. While tour-guiding I present to the tourists informations, fact, stories, legends… like it or not I share my emotions as well. Macedonia is a small and amazing country, waiting to be discovered in it’s full potential by the rest of the world. Hopefully will pass on my love to you trough my pages and maybe convince you to come and see it by yourself.


This was very successful season with lots of work for all of us in tourism. But now, although anticipated, suddenly, it has come to an end. With last effort and on spare energy I guided the last groups, followed with a period of rest and relaxation, more time with the family, greater commitment to my first job, arranging everything that was neglected in the previous period. For some period and then…

… silence. Silence as much as possible with two kids and dog at home. Still, I had periods of the day when I had my free time, just to watch a TV show, hanging out with friends, shopping, or whatever I think of. After I finished the seventh season of Game of Thrones and serial 13 Reasons Why, sorted out all the closets at home, met most of my friends, I became bored.

So, I started spending time on Instagram and run in to a young blogger and started reading her posts, and others, I started imagining myself on their place with own stories to tell. Well I have a lot to say and share. I started researching, made my blog and the moment for the first post now came. Should I write on Macedonian or English, too many dilemmas… I decided to do it on both languages with minor adjustments.

Not to be too long and dull from the beginning, I sincerely hope that you will want to read my blog and you will love it. I am grateful for all the suggestions and comments, I’m learning, we are here to have some fun. See you soon with my next post.

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