Between the seasons


In my country we have four seasons, but for my city, Ohrid as a touristic place, it has always been summer season, or “the season”, and off season period.  The good thing for the city and the locals is that “the season” is becoming longer and longer each year. The nicest period is actually between. You can feel completely different atmosphere which changes the rhythm of everyday life.

On one side is the busy season and the crowded city with tourists, on the other an empty city; you can choose where to sit in the restaurants and the coffee bars or where to park your car. You mostly see the locals outside, and sometimes it’s so quite that you can hear only your own footsteps.  This is the best period of the year to come and visit Ohrid, if you really want to see the city, to feel its soul and hear the stories that the narrow cobbled streets are telling.

The winter is coming bringing all the beauties of the warm home. And the first snow will make the atmosphere complete. Holidays make this time of the year my favorite, not only because of the Christmas decorations and shopping madness, but because of the friends and family gatherings. That atmosphere makes us closer and more thankful of having each other.

Between the seasons most important thing is to charge the batteries. My way is by spending more time with family and friends, visiting some places together, walks by the lake, learning new things. And this year discovering the world of blogging. Thank you to all who made me feel welcomed.


Daily prompt: Atmospheric

9 thoughts on “Between the seasons

  1. I loved my visit to Ohrid in 2006. It was September and not too crowded. The lake is really beautiful and the weather was perfect. We had great fun. I remember going to Sveti Nam to see the albino peacock and then finding out that it had died!

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  2. I’m in between 😊, it was nice till certain point, but they over did it. And those money could be used for much better things. It’s even strange for me because tourists like the new Skopje, probably because they don’t know the old one.


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