The Berlin experience

Berlin is one of the most dynamic major cities that I have visited in Europe. You can still feel the history of the city with all the reminders standing there to be recognized. Berlin is a city once dividing a nation and now uniting visitors from all over the world. It is worth to be visited and I’m sure you will be fascinated the way I was during my short visit.

When I visited Berlin it was for work and most of the time we have spent on the trade fare in Messe Berlin. The last day we have decided to leave earlier and see the city for a few hours. Spending half the day on foot in the fare, we were already tired. We decided to make a short walk in the vicinity of our hotel. As we were walking on the street we saw a bus stop with information on tours and for our luck a bus was coming in 5 minutes.

As we started the tour at Kurfürstendamm first we pass the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, than the embassy district. It was interesting to see Checkpoint Charlie, one of the former border crossings between the East and West Berlin.


The famous Berlin Wall which was running tough the city’s hart, divided it into East and West Berlin from 1961 till 1989, we were following the traces of the wall.


Berlin television tower, soaring 368 meters into the sky, is the highest building in Europe open to the public. Third Reich Memorials, commemorate the victims of the Third Reich.


Branderburg Gate as the only Berlin’s surviving historical gates and symbol of the Berlin’s Cold War division into East and West.


Reichstag, parliament and mirror of the German history and other landmarks.


The whole tour which costs 17 euros takes 2 hour and the best thing is that you can jump on or off on every stop you like throughout the validity of your ticket. We were around an hour in the bus and left the bus at Branderburg Gate, which is the most popular touristic part of the city. It’s a good stop because near it is Reichstag. If you like to visit it you can book tickets on line as well, it costs 54 euros per person and takes 2 hours. We didn’t have that much time so we decided to walk back to the hotel and see more of the city by walking.

Some photos from our walk:



It was a great combination to see biggest part of Berlin from the bus and then some of the city by walking. From my experience if you are in Berlin and don’t have enough time to “see it all” or you are very tired to walk the best way to feel the city is to take the sightseeing city tour BUS.

You should know there are two lines Yellow and Purple, the Yellow line have more stops. Depending of the season the bus leaves on every 10-15 minutes. If you have more time in Berlin there is option to make a combination of bus and boat tour. The prices are different of course.

Berlin is definitely a place to be in and I’m hoping my next visit will be longer with more free time to explore.

12 thoughts on “The Berlin experience

  1. I loved Berlin! The city has an underground feeling and it is rich in culture and history. I’m glad I got to finally see it.
    Did you also make a tour at the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp? I did it, and I even wrote a post about this very emotional day.
    I see you’re from Macedonia, how nice! Unfortunately I haven’t been there yet. Looking forward to more of your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Glad to hear that! I hope you have another opportunity to visit it indeed. There is so much to see. I spent 3 days there and didn’t see everything either. I want to go back already:)

        Liked by 1 person

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