How to become a better person in 2018

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What does it mean to be a good person?
Nobody is perfect, and there is always a space for improvement. It’s a fact the good people are happier and more fulfilled. Hence, let’s start from somewhere. Below are some advices, which if being followed will help you achieve a great deal for yourself and become more positive.
Here is a list of resolutions you might consider for the coming 2018:
– Let’s start with giving up; give up from at least one “bad habit”, whether it is smoking, overindulging, drinking, gossiping or judging others. Doing that will only contribute to your better physical or mental health, and perhaps both if you concentrate on more useful things.
– If something doesn’t make you happy, change is necessary, whether it’s a work that creates stress, a goal you cannot achieve or a circle of people with negative energy. More than enough time has passed while you were waiting the things to get better, be mindful of the status quo, escape the monotony and accept the people the way they are or leave.
– You have to devote more time to yourself in the next year. You should nourish the body and the mind, and always keep on mind the saying “in healthy body healthy spirit”. Everyone can spare one hour per day for exercise, walking in the park, cycling or other activity. There is always a way to organize the time. I’m sure everyone can afford to put a face mask once a week, and believe me your skin will be grateful for that. Read books, watch movies, listen to music, or maybe pick up a new hobby. Do whatever relaxes you and ultimately fulfills you.
– Spend more quality time with your loved ones. With today’s fast pace of living seems impossible to dedicate more time to our family. Try not to overstay at work or spend endless time running errands and other “necessary” obligations. Get you friends and family and go out hiking, watch movie together, play a board game, explore parts of the city you have never been. These moments are more precious than your home being neat or your fridge being filled. Dedicate more time to your parents; they are happiest when you are around. Go through you phone book and call everyone that means to you and haven’t heard for a while, meet them if possible.
Accept the mistakes and learn to forgive. No matter how hard it seems, life will be much better if you can accomplish this. Always listen to the other side of the story, don’t jump to conclusions hastily. Argue for what you believe in, but listen for the others what they have to say, you might be pleasantly surprised.
Be nice and kind, even with strangers. Spread positive energy instead of anger. If you smile to people they will return the same. As a professor of mine used to say “the smile is for free, but can bring you a lot in return”. Help the elderly. Learn to listen.
Take a risk! How will you acquire more if you don’t take any risk? If you are afraid to act your whole life, you will be stuck at the same point where you are now. Eventually this creates discontent, especially knowing that you could do and achieve more. Only with risk comes reward, change and progress.
– Have a goal in your life! Imagine where and when you want to find yourself and start realizing it step by step. Always with positive thoughts, don’t get discouraged by the people who tease you, and more importantly do not give up!
– And always keep in mind, people don’t overwhelm over with your life, they are busy with their own. It doesn’t matter what the others say or think. This is your life, and you live the way you want, not the way others tell you to.
– If you already don’t have one, find yourself a hobby, something that will distract you from the everyday life, which will kill the monotony. It can be something that you can do with your children, friends or by yourself It can be a way to socialize, spend quality time with your family (double win), to use the creativity that has long been waiting to blossom, or just to get rid of the anxiety and stress. You can learn new things or either improve the ones you already have.
Quite accidentally, I came up with 10 goals to be achieved for the next 2018. Some of the goals should be maintained continuously, but once you accomplish them and feel the benefits, you will not want to stop  . Completing even half of them would be amazing achievement. It means that you are on the way of becoming  happier and better person.
I know what my goals are and where to start from.
If I missed mentioning anything feel free to add in comments.
For the end, I wish you a Happy Holidays and a Miraculous New 2018 year and I hope everyone will achieve their goals.

16 thoughts on “How to become a better person in 2018

  1. I was immediately drawn to this post in your list, we could all benefit from some self reflection and you offer some great suggestions! I’ll be taking on a few of these myself. Looking forward to seeing what else 2018 will bring for you!

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  2. You have a great post here. I hope more bloggers and readers find it. The one thing that hit me again, was ‘take time for myself.’ This has been the hardest thing to do without feeling guilty when I did. So this year, I will not feel guilty to take time for self care. Thanks for the reminders.

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