2017 – a year to remember

I have to say 2017 was a great photography year. I had plenty opportunities to take photos starting from beautiful landscapes to urban areas. It’s really difficult to chose only few photos.

My favorites are the family photos, this one is from our holiday in Chicago. We took one day trip to Milwaukee and stop on the way in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to visit the Dinosaur Museum. The photo is taken in front of the museum. It was fun as you can see 😀 . No dinosaur was hurt during the shooting.

 17807519_10155318580818447_4362269544464542691_oI have to put one more photo at least, this one from my city. I hope you’ll enjoy in the view of my favorite place for all times, my serenity place. The most captured church in Ohrid, St. John Kaneo. For more photos check my post 15 minutes from center.

St. John Kaneo

This were my 2017 Favorites, both with special meaning to me. We should Cherish the moments like this.

Thank you for reading and Merry Christmas.

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