I am so proud to share with you these photos… of my avocado tree.

The interesting thing is that I’ve tried many times to grow an avocado tree from seed by the very known procedure fastened with hamsters in glass full of water, waiting for the roots to come out, but it was never really successful. Believe it or not this time I’ve put the seed directly in a pot with other flower that need more water. And a miracle happened. The tree started to grow.

The first photos are taken in May. On the second you can see how grown it is at the moment, six months later.

viber image


The tree was on the balcony for the summer, but have to put it inside to protect it from the cold winter now. My plan is to cut it on spring so it will not grow much in height and will give more branches.

If you have experience with avocado trees let me know, I’m open for advice.

Maybe we will have a Treat with our own avocados six or seven years from now…. who knows.

For more go to Avocado 2


19 thoughts on “Avocado

      1. I’d love to hear more! Actually, after reading this I wondered if maybe I should try playing with. Since there are no other plants around where it is I decided to lower the seed to give it access to more water – low and behold this morning my ‘tiny’ crack on one side turned into a prominent one!

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