Avocado 2

After writing my post Avocado yesterday, this morning I noticed something strange. Don’t worry everything is fine with the avocado tree, but something started happening to the other avocado seed in the same pot. It started to grow!!! What a surprise, especially because  there was nothing when I wrote the post yesterday.

Here are some photos:


I’m in doubt now, should I transplant it now while the roots are not so big or not, it was difficult to transplant the first one. I don’t want to damage the roots from the big one.

Anyways, my conclusion and advice for everyone that is trying or wants to try to grow avocado tree is to try this method. Just put it directly in the soil and water it on regular bases. Be careful: the soil has to be wet not muddy.  Put the pot where is warm.

Good luck.

Daily prompt: Growth

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