Haunted houses in Ohrid

I took my sоn on a walk trough the city searching for old houses. When I told him where we are going his conclusion was that we will visit the old part of the city. He always likes to walk up the hill to the Fortress and listen to the stories and legends of ancient times.  For me as a tour guide it is a habit telling them over and over again.

This time we took different route. We were visiting other old houses, most of them build in 1830’s, prevalent in the city center, hidden between the new modern buildings as if they are ashamed of being neglected and forgotten.

It was interesting to see signs of life in some of the houses, but most of them were empty, waiting to be replaced with some modern construction. As my son Stefan whispered with mystery in his voice these are haunted houses.  He will be eight in two mounts from now, you can imagine his vivid imagination. This time he took the role of a tour guide and made up so many beautiful stories, and some scary ones. He felt unpleasant while we were at one of the houses and with a tremble he asked me to leave.

When we were on the way back home Stefan reminded me to check the windows of the houses on the photos because he thinks he saw something. Hmm… imagination or not?

Most of the houses are in the city center, not noticed from most of the people, standing there as reminder of other time. What i don’t like in my city is that most of the old houses are replaced with modern buildings.

It was cloudy and grey for taking photos today, anyway I  hope you will like the photos that follow:


















43 thoughts on “Haunted houses in Ohrid

  1. Did you get to go inside or just look from outside? Some of them look like from a few years back and abandoned by the previous owners though.

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    1. Those that look more new are from 1930’s the rest are older obviously. In that period people were building very quality houses with wide walls and stronger then the houses nowadays.


    2. Only from outside, it’s a private property inthe middle of the city, all of them closed,
      In some there are people still leaving 😊 And my son was too scared to take him in.


  2. This is great! Aside from having a wonderful day with your son, this was the kind of exploration I love. It will be a shame to lose some of these beautiful houses. The others are kind of ugly but the new constructions will change the character of the city. It’s sad when the places we know and love have to change.

    Very, very enjoyable post, Vesna. You are a true tour guide, through and through!

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  3. This is the first time I am hearing about Ohrid and it really seems like an exceptional place to explore, Vesna. Your posts are truly great reads and very inspiring pieces of writing about Macedonia which I soon hope to cross off my bucket list! Keep up the great work! 😉

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  4. Wow, I’ve never thought about taking a stroll like this. Usually qhen I visit Ohrid my focus is on the old town and the bay. Next time I’ll go ghost hunting.

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