You will know that your different when the things you used to trip on you walk over now


If you want to know if your growing or not, just wait until the next drama in your life occurs. Do you have your normal freak out reaction? Do you feel as though the world is ending and your about to have a mental break down?

Are you one of those people who don’t freak out, but maybe you just shut down? Just check out like, peace ✌️ Friends I can’t deal with this right now! So you run away and avoid dealing with it like the plague!

Or perhaps you use your anger when it comes to avoiding drama. Maybe your tough exterior is enough to keep people at an arms length. So by appearing mean, your able to deter the chaos from entering your circle.

Maybe your the victim to chaos! Maybe you just cry every time something bad happens and you feel as though your helpless. You…

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