Courage to be me

I’m relatively new to blogging and probably I still don’t have enough self-confidence in writing. It was a complicated process for most of the posts that I wrote till now. I wanted to have photographed the places or things I was writing about, or even to make a small or bigger research on the internet or to talk to the people I was writing about. It was rear just to have inspiration and start writing or just to tell what I have in mind.

While I’m writing this I realized that those are my favorite posts. The posts that came out spontaneous usually because I already have made some photographies and used them for the post. That kind of post is 15 minutes from the center one of my first posts and Haunted houses in Ohrid my most popular post so far. I guess that kind of posts is what suits me the most so far.

Half of the day I’m thinking of what to write for today’s daily prompt. It’s because I didn’t have time to do as usual and prepare some material for the post. For a change, I decided just to take the laptop and start writing what comes to my mind. I have to say I needed the courage to do so. And here we are now.

I used to ask myself who I really am and why I did some things, or why reacted in some way to some situations. In some moments I hated myself because of the choices or decisions I’ve made. We all make mistakes, but all that what we are, good and bad, is what makes us the person we are today.

When I was younger I did care what will the others think or say about me. I wanted to be nice to everyone and liked by everyone. Thank God it doesn’t important anymore. It doesn’t matter what the others say or think. This is my life, and I’ll live it the way I want, not the way others tells me to.  I don’t have to be a friend with everyone. Anyway, most of those people are hypocrites or negative and it’s better to keep a distance. I cherish the real friends, no matter if I see them every day, once a week, once a month or even less.

I’m trying to do what makes me and my loved ones happy as much as I can. I will stick with what I am and no one can spoil that. I feel stronger than ever.

Everything happens for a reason. Probably all of this is part of growing up.

It’s almost midnight, time to go to bed. I hope I’ll think the same when I’ll read this in the morning. Good night.

Daily Prompt: Courage



23 thoughts on “Courage to be me

      1. Same feeling right now with me. Thinking from last 3 hours what to write. But after zero courage, I start reading my followers blog. Still confuse what to write before sleep. My one eye open and another close but still confuse what to do 🙂 it’s nice to read your blog. 🙂

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  1. I relate to what you said. I am fairly new at blogging and it took a lot of courage. I still hide behind a pseudonym and I am trying to find the courage, which I believe we all have, to use my own name. Good for you for believing and having faith in yourself!

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  2. I loved this so much! I struggle w/ the same feelings. Age has helped me grow beyond much of it, but there still some ways to go. Thanks for sharing! Great post!

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  3. Haunted houses was my favorite post, too, but one of the most memorable was the two-part about the wood carving family continuing the tradition. I think you have so many stories to tell, Vesna.

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