15 Instagram Most Popular Spots in Ohrid

Instagram is becoming more and more popular each day and it’s a perfect visual way to find and see photos and information about the touristic places by using only one # tag.

You all know my love for my home town Ohrid and how often I post about it on my blog here, as well as on my Instagram feed and stories. This time I’ve decided to share photos of the most Instagram popular spots made by OTHER PEOPLE. You will see different style of photos taken by professional photographers, bloggers, tour guides and other people that I follow. Each photo links to the original post if you click on it.

There are numerous spots that are perfect for taking photos in Ohrid. However I selected the 15 most popular spots that can be seen most on Instagram and you shouldn’t miss when visiting Ohrid. Here we go:

1.It’s a fact that the most instagrammed spot in Ohrid is Kaneo. This medieval church of St. John Theologian is lovely and together with its location and every path leading to it offers spectacular views.

Since you’re already there don’t miss a boat ride and take some photos from the water. It’s also unique experience and the best way to see the city from the water.

The most popular view is from above, like the next photo. Every part of the day or the year offers different opportunities for unforgettable views, frozen moments that will last forever in your photo.

2. The wooden bridge on the lake that leads to Kaneo is not only a nice and easy shortcut, as well as a very photogenic location. There isn’t a single person walking this path that doesn’t stop for an Instagram photo.

3. The walking track connecting Labino and Kaneo with it’s isolated beach is amazing during the whole year, away from the crowds and city hustle.

The next one is fresh from this spring. It made me wanna go there the same moment I saw it and take at least 20 photographs.

4. The Samuil’s Fortress may be empty from inside, but its high walls offer great view of the city and its surroundings. Coming to this highest point of the hill is worth just for that. If you are not afraid of highs climb up on the walls and take your own photos like the one that follows:

The views from there are definitely unique and I love that even in the middle of the summer there is a nice breeze. Although during the summer I wouldn’t recommend visiting the fortress at noon. Do it in the morning or in the afternoon. Maybe even try to see the sunset from there.

5. The Archaeological site Plaosnik with the gorgeous church of St. Klement. You can see it on the previous photo shoot from the fortress. There is also an amazing view to the lake.

6. Sarasite is the small beach in the old part of the city, below the well known houses of Uranija and Robevci. It’s best to take photos early in the morning or on sunset because of the swimmers.

7. The Cathedral church of St.Sofija is not only one of the most important churches in Ohrid but it’s one of the most Instagrammed spots, especially the back side of it.

8. The small cobbled streets in the old city are so breathtaking that there isn’t a single Instagrammer that can stop himself from taking a photo. I know this isn’t an actual spot, since it covers most of the old city, but I want to invite you to explore more of this part of Ohrid.

9. City square, depending on what you like more, you can take photos of the statues, city port, Japanese cherries when in bloom… The spot on the next photo is most popular lately:

10. The old port is located near the square. It is great location to take a photo from the water with a view to the city, often covered with gulls and some swans swimming around it. Or beautiful girls like this below taking photos.

11. The path by the channel to the Biljana’s springs. It’s very beautiful when the weather is nice and the water calm. The reflection of the parked boats in the water is luring you to take photos.

12. The “Bay of Bones” – Museum on water is one of the most photogenic places near Ohrid

Wherever you stand you have a perfect scene for shooting, starting from the parking lot, then at the wooden houses, turquoise water and the nature around it. Everything is blended perfectly together.

13. The road to the village Velestovo offers the best views to the city and the lake from above. The best part is that it is very near the city. Although it will take you 10 minutes driving there to view point with a small parking place (bellow), it’s much nicer to go hiking. You can find more spots for photos on the way like this.

14. Very often by the # tag Ohrid we can see the monastery of St.Naum and the springs of the river Black Drim. This is one of the places where the human and the nature have worked together and created this master piece. If you are there don’t miss a ride with the small rowing boats in the small lake created by the springs. Enjoyment on high level is guaranteed.

15. The small village Trpejca with its amazing pebble beach and fish restaurants is becoming more and more popular.

I can go on like this to eternity, but instead of that check out the profiles of all this wonderful people, and you can find many more on the #ohrid. I have to say this post took much more time then I expected and the most difficult part was to choose the photos. I’m so glad that so many people see the beauty of my city in their own way and present it on their Instagram accounts.

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(I know I invented a few new words in this post)

19 thoughts on “15 Instagram Most Popular Spots in Ohrid

  1. Wow amazing photography, I always love your photos but it’s nice that you’ve shared photos from different people here with different styles. I’ll check out their IGs now 🤩
    Thank you for sharing this💗

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ‘m coming to Ohrud in May and I’m hoping to find all of this places. Love each and every one of the photos, so lovely.
    Thank you for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ‘m coming to Ohrud in May and I’m hoping to find all of this places. Love each and every one of the photos, so lovely.
    Thank you for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

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