U&Z Influencer Awards 2019 – my point of view

Yes I won! It’s not a joke 🙂

U&Z Influencer awards were organized for a first time this year by the oldest and most popular magazine in my country Убавина и Здравје, giving chance to new creative instagramers to be noticed. This was a big step toward recognizing influencing as a profession in Macedonia.

I wanted to share this with you because being a part of a event like this was an unique experience for me, because of the mix of feelings, excitement, confusion and happiness. I needed few days to get my thoughts together, to let the emotions and impressions settle down before I could write with a clear head about everything that happened and what it meant for my future as a blogger/influencer.

For the competition all of the participants got certain products to advertise on their Instagram accounts, depending on the category they were competing in. I was participating in Travel and Health categories. It was quite a challenge to make posts for some of the products and yet to stay consistent to your niche and keep your Instagram feed attractive and interesting.

It took me longer than a month to make all of the posts, mixed with other content and collaborations that came out in same time.

Finally the big day arrived, we packed the bags and left to the capital. The first thing that I want to share about this day is, please don’t laugh, I forgot to put in the car the outfits that me and my husband were suppose to wear for the event. After 3 hours drive and arriving in Skopje we realized what happened and no I didn’t panic, I got frozen :))) We start the car again and went for an unplanned shopping, thanks God there were few hours left till the beginning of the event. OK, you can laugh, I’m laughing now too because it all finished well.

It was a lot of fun after all that driving and running to do the preparation, dressing up and make up under candle and cell phone light (yes, after who knows how many years there was no electricity at this part of the city that day at that hour). We came to Ragusa Rooftop where the event was being organised on time. It was so glamorous. And the excitement started growing by entering the place, meeting my on line friends, most of them for the first time in person. Many of them were competing as well, and we were all sharing the same feelings. Everyone was exited and inpatient to see the outcome, hoping for an award.

In these moments I realized how important making all these new friends whom I share common interest with is. It was a room full of positive people, all supporting each other. Some of the winners in other categories were people that I already knew thanks to Instagram, some I met in person for the first time that evening .

As if I wasn’t confused enough in this euphoric atmosphere, the Health category was presented first and the winner was me. Can you imagine I was speechless? I said only few words as thank you and later hated my self that I was not prepared with a better speech, than laugh to my self how I sounded and what I said. I believe it went quite good all things considered.

The party continued in relaxed atmosphere and great music, and the end of the night was not the end of this event. A photo shooting and interview followed few days later. And all the attention in the mediums was flattering and motivating to continue working even harder.

I’m gonna be always thankful to the support I got from my family, friends and the amazing communication with my contact of the organisation. Special gratitude to my husband who took big part of the photos. His patience is incredible and his creativity complements mine. Part of the reward belongs to him too.

I’m wishing you similar experience in blogging or what ever it is you are doing. Just don’t forget to do what you love and support each other.

For the end check out my Instagram account if you are not already following me, this is me Whisper.ves

Thank you for reading.

Love Ves

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