Veliko Tarnovo – “The city of The Tsars”

“The City of The Tsars” – Veliko Tarnovo located in the center of Bulgaria, halfway between Sofia and Varna, has so much to offer.

The three hills of Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria: The Tsarevets Fortress, Trapezitca and Sveta Gora, create a mountain city completely different than any other city in Bulgaria. This is a place that will provoke your curiosity with it’s rich history, natural beauties and culture.

The old houses mixed with modern buildings look as if they are perched on one other and each of them is a unique monument of architecture. Veliko Tarnovo is one of the few places where nature and everything built by men complement each other to create an unexpected harmony.

All monuments preserved in Veliko Tarnovo have kept the spirit of all ages and periods of Bulgarian history – from Ancient times to present days. The first inhabitants in this area are from 4200 BC, but it became most popular in XII century after the liberation from Byzantian rule, when Tarnovo become a capital of Bulgaria until the Ottoman invasion in Europe, that’s why is also known as The Medieval Capital of Bulgaria.

Veliko Tarnovo was declared a Balkan capital of cultural tourism, and a few times it was awarded the prize The Most Beautiful Town in Bulgaria. The town is magnificent with its beautiful houses, perching amphitheatrically along the river banks; it has a rich history of landmarks that are attractive for the guests.

The options for accommodation in the town are diverse – private accommodation, hostels, guest houses and hotels up to 4 stars. The town offers rich possibilities for entertainment and nightlife – discotheques, bars, restaurants, etc. The main street of the town offers a large variety of shops, hotels, entertainment and what I liked the most were the different crafts that you can see like the Pottery workshop, wooden souvenirs, traditional sweets etc.

The production of pottery was most popular in XII and XIV century, when it was produces for the royal family. They still use the same technic and materials. The green color and the motives from the nature are kept even nowadays and make it unique. If you like you can experience making your own pottery or just buy a souvenir.

The restaurants in the town are famous for their delicious cuisine. Here you can taste popular Bulgarian dishes and ones that are typical for the region.

If you have more time, there are multiple eco paths for the fans of active relaxation – the Negovanska path (in the village of Emen), Preobrazhenska path, Arbanashka path, etc. The eco paths are marked walking routes in nature, by means of which the tourists get access to beautiful local and natural landmarks. The region offers options for rock climbing, mountain cycling, horseback riding, and the multiple rivers and dams provide options for fishing and swimming.

One of the things you have to see in Veliko Tarnovo is The Sound and Light Show. Dramatic music, multicolor lights, lasers and chiming bells are synchronized in an unique way to depict the tumultuous history of Bulgaria.
You can receive more information about hotels, restaurants, landmarks, transportation, various attractions and current events, cars for rent, and the current state of the eco paths in the tourist information center in the town, which is situated in the central part of the town. There you can purchase information materials for the sites in Tarnovo, as well as make a request for the Sound and Light performance.

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