Hi there you lovely people!

Welcome to my blog.

This is a place to find out more about my country Macedonia and the surrounding countries as tourist destinations and places for living, as well as other destinations I’m visiting and things from everyday life.

I believe you can do more things at once and be equally successful. For me it’s managing a private company, working as a freelance tour guide, leader in the multilevel company and now blogging, it’s all possible with flexible working hours.

I love to spend time with my family, enjoy traveling and taking photos. I’m crazy for shopping, a big animal lover and a chocolate and ice cream addict…

In my blog, you can mainly read posts about traveling, especially about my country. Tourism has always interested me, which is the main reason why I got my Master degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management. Beside about my country I love writing about other interesting destinations that I have visited shown through my eyes and my experience.

I also enjoy makeup, fashion, aerobic… So I don’t know which of my interests will surface out as a post on my blog. Time will tell.

Most of the photos I use are made by me so I can transfer my experiences as genuine as possible.

I have to say when I started writing, I started reading more. So trust me if you get a like from me I have read your post.

Hope to intrigue you and leave a mark in this world 😉