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I’m grateful that you’re interested in working with me.

I’ve worked in every segment of the travel industry. Working as a freelance tour guide gives me the opportunity to meet people and exchange information, which helps me understand the tourism market even better. I’ve made a research for my Master study in tourism about R.Macedonia as a Destination for Dutch Tourists, which knowledge can be applied to other destinations, as well as other nationalities. I’m a travel addict at the same time. All of this has helped me to get to know better the needs of the contemporary tourists not only in theory but in practice too.


Want to partner with me on a project? There are many ways we can work together:



Thanks to my experience as traveler and researcher I can help you promote and improve your product/service. You just opened a new hotel or restaurant or you need some promotion in general? Invite me to your place, I will take stimulating photos (+ additional videos) and write a detailed review about it on my blog.


If you are looking for a blogger to represent your brand, I can be your product ambassador. Ambassadorship can be through a series of blog posts, as well as mentions on Whisper’s social media.


I’m someone with a big passion for photography. The majority of the images on this blog are taken by me. If you like my stuff I would love to work for you and present your business at its best. I’m also available for travel and can do on-camera work for you.


Invite Whisper to attend your event and learn about your product, cause, or contest, etc.


Any other idea? I’d love to hear it. Let’s work together!

I’m located in Macedonia, but traveling is always a pleasure. Anyone from the Travel industry or anything related is welcomed for collaboration.

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Disclosure: All opinions in my written posts are entirely my own.