“One Pearl” – Please

When ordering a cocktail we are buying a promise of a liquid escape to happiness. Meaning that creating a mixture of different drinks as alcohol and juices, fruit, herbs, ice, etc. should evoke feelings, memories and at the same time create new in a special atmosphere. That’s why it’s important for that promise to be fulfilled.

For all cocktail enthusiasts and everyday people who appreciate a great drink, I’m presenting you one special cocktail, created for my city – Ohrid.


“One Pearl” is a cocktail that adds class and a sense of the exotic that you can get in this city and only in the restaurants and coffee bars that have a certificate to make it. One of those places in Ohrid is Hotel Royal View where we had a chance to enjoy this extraordinary drink. It’s a hotel that I always recommend because of the welcoming atmosphere and excellent service. It’s indeed a nice place to eat and stay with the best location and view in the city, check their site for more information.

The name of the cocktail is connected with Ohrid Pearl. When buying this cocktail, besides the pleasure, you get a complimentary souvenir. It’s the mixer that comes in the glass decorated with original Ohrid Pearl made by the family Filevi. After finishing the drink you can take this precious souvenir as a memory of time well spent. If you drink more cocktails you can make your own necklace.


The cocktail can be described as warm and bitter from the alcohol but sweet and tangy from the fruit juice. It takes you back to the romantic summer nights by the refreshing lake coast, chasing away all the worries and everyday stress. It may be the alcohol but it really gives you a feeling of freedom and a mood like being in some tropical destination.


The color that comes from Blue Curacao symbolizes the turquoise-blue colors of the Ohrid lake. Maybe you have noticed that depending on the light the color of the cocktail is different, same as the color of the lake in different weather conditions. Besides Blue Curacao, it consists Vodka Vanilla, passion fruit syrup, lemon and apple juice, while the last ingredient is the Ohrid Pearl. A perfect combination that results with a suitable drink for every time of the year.

This unique experience will cost you only 240 den (4 eur). No matter which time of the year you are visiting Ohrid after few cocktails summer will come.

Read more about  The secret of the Ohrid Pearl and check out some of the models in Girls and Pearls.

Photography: Brankica Boshnakoska

Hair:  Infinity

Makeup: Jasmin Eye

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    1. I’ll be honored to participate. Just let me know what kind of post should it be and the other details. Thank you for thinking of me, I appreciate it.


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