The amazing views from the mountain pеаk Magaro

There is something amazing about climbing on high buildings, mountains or maybe flying. Watching the world from above, from a bigger distance gives you different view not only to the landscape but also to life. It makes you realize how small we are, just a dot on the planet and there is so much waiting to be seen, to be discovered.

I came to this conclusion previous week when I finally decided to join my husband and brother-in-law to hike to the highest point of the National Park Galicica. I’ve been many times in the National Park, a big part of my childhood is connected with this mountain, but I’ve never had an opportunity to climb the highest point Magaro (2255 m above sea level) until now.

From Ohrid to the closest point that you can go by car is about one-hour driving. Even on the way, you will enjoy the amazing views of the lake and the mountain. There are two entrances, one on the side of Lake Ohrid and another one on Lake Prespa.

The beginning of the trail will take you through a forest, which once you are out of it turns into a goat path. I’d recommend making a short stop there to rest and enjoy the nature.  What follows is the steepest part of the hiking. Just follow the white and red color signs on the stones or trees.


Soon you will arrive at a flat opening with a crossroad in front of you. There is a sign telling that you should continue to the right. However the path on the left will also take you to Magaro and it is also marked with the same colors as before. We continued on the left path because that way we climbed the more steep and slippery part of the trail (would be more difficult to go down from this side) and came down the path with the more beautiful view (the lakes were in front of us).


We pass the place where there used to be a lokva (small glacier lake used by the sheepherders) which was dry at the moment.



On the way don’t forget to take a closer look at the wildflowers and low bushes. There are many berries, it’s not a good idea to eat them unless you are sure they are eatable. Enjoy in the smells that the wind is spreading all around you.

And when finally you will arrive at the top not only that you will feel a relief, but instead of feeling exhausted you will be full of energy. It’s the adrenalin running through your veins, being excited about reaching the top and succeeding in this adventure.

Your award will be the spectacular views to the Ohrid Lake, Prespa Lake, man-made lakes in Korcha county in Albania. You will not only see the two tectonic lakes on both sides of the mountain but also two countries at the same time. Where ever you turn there’s an amazing view waiting for you to enjoy it.


Unfortunately, after you’ve made hundreds of photos, all good things come to an end. Another reason why we choose to go down from this side was that all the time as going down we had the spectacular views in front of us. To the two lakes at the beginning, then to Lake Ohrid only.


It took us 2 hours hiking with stops in one way. Without the stops, it’s approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes oneway. The best period to visit the National Park is in spring or autumn. If you plan to hike to the highest point in summer time do it early in the morning. Always use sun protection.

I’m not a professional hiker, I’m just a nature lover and I’m doing it only for fun. Here are some hiking tips:

    • Before hiking, you should be in good condition for climbing.
    • Check out the map on the board at the beginning of the trail, you can take a photo of it or download it on your phone and check your location later if necessary.
    • Wear hiking shoes if possible or if it’s dry snickers will do.
    • Take a small backpack and make sure you have enough water with you, as well as some food, fruits or snack, it will be a long period of hiking.
    • Depending on the time of the year wear suitable clothes and windbreaker for the top, it’s always windy. In the summertime take some extra t-shirt because of sweating.
  • Keep track of how much time you need to hike, that will help you easier to plan hikes in the future.
  • Don’t forget your camera 😉
  • In case you meet some wild animal climb to the nearest tall tree. This doesn’t work if you see a bear, in this case play dead! 🙂
  • Never go alone hiking in the mountain.

As a conclusion, I have to say this was a great experience that motivated me to spend more time in nature and be more active. Thank you for reading, if you are a nature lover I’m sure you will enjoy the National Park Galicica. If you do decide to hike to Magaro please let me know if this post was helpful.

10 thoughts on “The amazing views from the mountain pеаk Magaro

  1. Wow
    Spectacular views indeed
    I should definitely hike more often, thank you for reminding me and for sharing this experience. It’s great accomplishment.
    Love the photos 👌😍

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