Girls and Pearls


“A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls”

– Coco Chanel


Jewelry is the most appropriate addition to the female beauty. The women that does not worship and desire it are rare, and every woman likes to receive carefully selected gifts. One of the best souvenirs or gifts that you can buy when visiting Macedonia are the Ohrid Pearls. You can learn more about the Ohrid Pearl in the post The secret of the Ohrid Pearl, and now I would like to show you how the pearls enrich the woman beauty.


The pearls are an everlasting classic. I am proud that we have the Ohrid Pearl as Macedonian brand which complements the woman beauty for almost a century to the ladies all over the world.


Thanks to the Filevi family from Ohrid, faithful to the tradition, but following the fashion trends and the needs of the modern woman, the pearls combined with filigree, marquise and other elements can be part of your everyday life.


Reportedly the pearls have returned to the scene, while in fact have never come out of fashion. You just need to carefully select the appropriate models and combine them with the corresponding pieces of clothing. Pearls can be worn on every occasion and at any age.


The photos are made in the welcoming and relaxing atmosphere of the Royal View Hotel in Ohrid. It’s all in the name, we made the best combination for the photo shooting, the spectacular view over the old city and Ohrid Lake on one side and the Ohrid Pearls worn by queens, princesses and other celebrities on the other side. And the cocktail “One Pearl” in addition to making a complete picture. More about that soon to come.


It’s me in the photo with my girls.

You have an exclusive opportunity by showing this voucher to get 15% discount on the jewelry made by Filevi family in their stores in Ohrid and Skopje. Keep that in mind when making plans to visit Macedonia. All you need is to save the voucher on your smartphone and show it when buying. Don’t print the voucher as a contribution to protecting the environment.

Teal Plant Background Coupon2


“Pearls are always appropriate”

                           -Jackie Kennedy

_________________________________________________________________________________________    You should know where to find the original and the best pearls. More information on the family’s Website or follow their Facebook Page. Here are the locations:

Addresses in Ohrid:
Filevi Store I
Filevi Store II
Museum and Filevi Store III

Address in Skopje:
Filevi Store
Facebook Page with contact for Skopje

I hope you enjoy in the beauty of the pearls that follow.

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Photography: Brankica Boshnakoska

Hair:  Infinity

Makeup: Jasmin Eye


33 thoughts on “Girls and Pearls

  1. The photos are lovely! They make me want to dig out my old pearl necklaces and give them a try 🙂 I love the models that you are showing. They are, indeed, very modern and they can be worn on all occasions. If I ever find myself in Macedonia, I will for sure visit these stores 🙂

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